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MYANI LAWSON Bergen-Lafayette Montesorri School

I knew I wanted to teach since I was eight years old. I originally planned to teach for 25 years and open a school upon retirement; however things drastically changed after my daughter was born. After 17 years of experience in education I knew what kind of learning environment would be best for her. She needed a diverse multilingual classroom with children from different, cultures and economic backgrounds engaged in experiential learning.

I spent an entire year visiting 30 pre-schools around Jersey City. I opened the Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School not only to create the learning environment that I wanted for my own child, but to meet a real need I saw in the market place. BLMS offers a diverse, hands-on, high-quality and affordable education to underserved Jersey City neighborhoods.

A passion for teaching, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful business. I took the Community Business Academy to learn how to grow my business in a realistic and sustainable way.

The class helps aspiring entrepreneurs flush out their ideas, with step-by-step homework assignments that help combine your many business ideas into a cohesive action plan. I always felt like I was being cheered on by my classmates and instructors. It felt like just what the class is called: a COMMUNITY – a community of like-minded individuals coming together to uplift one another in our desires to become successful entrepreneurs. What really makes Rising Tide Capital stand out is the continued support they offer after you graduate from the program.

I have already opened one Montessori school in Jersey City and plan to open another one in the future. Bringing Montessori education to underserved areas of Jersey City will make this teaching method available to a wider array of children. I feel confident about my business endeavors because I have a community willing me to be successful.

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Jersey City, NJ



Business Launch Date:

September 2014

Business Description:

The Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School offers an affordable and diverse hands-on learning experience to underserved communities in Jersey City. The school seeks to foster each child’s self-confidence, leadership skills, and respect for self and others. BLMS encourages children to grow as self-motivated, intellectually-engaged learners who will serve their larger communities as both accomplished students and ambassadors of change.

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2014

Business Acceleration Services:
• Start Something Challenge 2014
• One-on-One Consultation
• BAS Seminars
• Lease negotiation
• Credit counseling