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KENNETH PICKETT Think Forward Innovations, LLC

Ever since I was 10 years old, I knew that I would one day work for myself. When an injury caused me to lose my previous job, I realized that when a door closes, a window is opened.

It was then that I created my Quick Switch brand, and invented a product that helps improve indoor residential air quality, while simultaneously helping to maintain one’s central air-conditioning and forced hot-air systems. The product is cost-effective, efficient and convenient for customers.

For my family and me, this business means so many things, but the most prevalent components would be freedom and opportunity. It creates freedom where money will never dictate the quality of lifestyle we choose to live.

Since taking the CBA I have learned many valuable lessons, such as how to properly and effectively set the price-point for my Quick-Switch brand, and I plan to use everything I’ve learned within my business model. But RTC has also challenged me to trust more. It has been quoted to me that “teamwork makes the dream work”. I now know more than ever the value of having a strong team of like-minded individuals, and the importance of trusting people.

I plan to stay connected with RTC, work with mentors, and stay in touch with classmates to help evolve my business, and grow as a person.

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Think Forward Innovations produces unique products such as the patent-pending Quick Switch Air Filter, which was designed and created with one goal in mind: to help the end-user achieve a greater quality of life. It was created as an alternative for traditional furnace air-filters, to offer a more efficient and cost-effective means to guard against the millions of airborne contaminant allergy sufferers that exist. It was designed to help improve residential air-quality, allowing the customer to simply breathe better.

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