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Before I met Rising Tide Capital, Simplistic Transportation, the trucking business I’d operated for more than 5 years, had folded and I was working multiple part time jobs to make ends meet. For 13 years I drove trucks. But then the recession hit and gas prices increased.

I accumulated over $60,000 in credit card debt just trying to pay my bills. I applied to every job I came across without luck. I ended up doing odd jobs around the community, using maintenance and repair skills I learned from my grandparents. I didn’t even know I was in business until my customers told me to start one!

Rising Tide Capital has honestly been the best thing to happen to me. In the Community Business Academy I learned how to avoid pitfalls, price my services, gain exposure and budget. Multiple Business Acceleration Services coaching sessions helped me secure my first loan and fellow Community Business Academy grads helped me brand my company through the Help Desk—from building my website to printing my uniforms.

In July 2012, I used $125 of the $133 in my bank account to register my business, Property Maintenance Guys. I now offer quality interior, exterior and preventive maintenance and repair services. I am now a licensed contractor and I recently received my certification in building maintenance.

In 2013, PMG made $13,000. In 2014 we made just about $130,000. Yes, my business is growing! I’ve hired two people from my community and bought a van, which helps us work more efficiently. My assistant answers calls and schedules appointments, allowing me more time to conduct business. And at every step of the way, Rising Tide Capital is there for me.

Before I learned how to run a business I was constantly struggling to make ends meet. Now, I’m an entrepreneur and mentor in the community where I grew up, and I’m in control of my destiny.

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144 Bayview Ave
Jersey City, NJ



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Business Description:

PMG offers maintenance as well as handyman and contractor services to home owners, property management companies, real estate firms as well as renters who need the simple things done right first time. We provide handyman, interior, exterior and preventive maintenance services, in New Jersey.

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2012

Business Acceleration Services:
• Personal and Brand Development
• Help Desk- Web Design, Marketing Plan, Financing
• Loan Preparation Services
• Start Something Challenge 2012
• Plan and Pitch
• Business Acceleration Seminars