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GUSTAVO ESTRADA Supreme Consultants, LLC

I moved to the United States from Peru when I was 11 years old, and lived in Harrison, NJ for a few years before joining the U.S. Navy. After my military career, I attended Rutgers University and received a degree in Psychology and started a career in Human Resources.

While working at a behavioral health staffing agency, I realized that there is a great need for bilingual professionals to serve diverse populations. Language barriers were preventing people from receiving adequate service and accurate diagnoses. The company downsized, and I decided to jumpstart my business and address this need. With the encouragement of a retired executive and my sister funding startup costs, I started Supreme Consultants.

The majority of what I knew about running a business was through trial and error. Rising Tide Capital’s Community Business Academy helped fill in the blanks, provided clarity in areas that needed more focus to attract customers and stay ahead of competitors, and saved me time and money. Taking the CBA in Spanish connected me with other Hispanics who shared the determination to build and become entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur you will always have questions and uncertainties when running or establishing a business. Knowing RTC is just a phone call away brings a sense of security and comfort along this journey. My plans for the next 3 years are to make our new outpatient clinic profitable and sustainable, and to open up a new consulting agency

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71 Union Avenue
Suite 207
Rutherford, NJ



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Business Description:

Supreme Consultants, LLC is a consulting agency specializing in providing bilingual and culturally competent professionals in the behavioral health and educational fields. They help patients overcome language barriers by assigning mentors, tutors, behavioral assistants, social workers and private clinicians that are well-matched to suit their individual needs.

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Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2014 (Spanish)

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