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SIMON PETERS American Medical Equipment Supplies and Repairs, LLC

Having worked in the elevator, lift, and mobility business for ten years, I saw first-hand the difficulties physically challenged and disabled face, simply to be able to move from place to place.

In an effort to address this need, I became a Certified Accessibility Technician, and created my business American Medical Equipment Supplies and Repairs, LLC.

I sell and fix medical transport supplies, including wheelchairs, scooters, stair lifts, cranes, and crutches. However, I supply more than medical equipment. This kind of service gives people a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Taking the Community Business Academy taught me a lot about planning and bookkeeping for my business, but my experience with RTC didn’t stop there. I’ve used the Help Desk to build my website and I’ve been receiving one-on-one coaching through the Business Acceleration Services, which is helping me to plan my next steps.

While having my own business is rewarding, what I really appreciate most is the satisfaction of my customers. Most times after doing a service job or selling a product to my customers, they grace me with a wide grin and a “thank you” which is what really keeps me going.

My vision for AME Supplies is to help every physically challenged or disabled person I meet get back to some normalcy of life.

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41 S. Munn Ave
East Orange, NJ



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Business Description:

American Medical Equipment Supplies and Repairs provides the elderly and disabled with medical transport supplies including wheelchairs, scooters, stair lifts, cranes, crutches, and more. Through this much-needed service, the physically-challenged are able to retain their self-sufficiency and normalcy of life.

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Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2014

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