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DAWN McLAUGHLIN Positively Publishing Kids

Just about 93% of children’s books lack diversity. But if children cannot see themselves in books, why would they think books are for them? Books are not just about reading, they are about history, culture, imagination, fun, creativity, community and belonging. Kids need to know that they belong and that they are a part of all of those things.

That’s why I created Positively Publishing Kids, a company that works with kids to publish diverse books, featuring characters that they can identify with.

Since graduating from Rising Tide Capital’s Community Business Academy, I have taken advantage of practically all the Business Acceleration Services—the Plan & Pitch, the Start Something Challenge, the 90 day Action Planing, the seminars, the yearly business grants, the Help Desk and, above all, the tremendous support and care from the RTC staff. All these services have helped continue the momentum of my business.

RTC has created a community of entrepreneurs that genuinely care about and support each other. It is such an amazing feeling to know how many people are cheering for you and how much RTC believes in you!

After just one year, since taking the CBA, my books are finally being published, and by my own company. I could not be more excited about my life and my future, and I am honestly not sure how all this would have happened without Rising Tide Capital.

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Business Description:

Positively Publishing Kids supports diversity in children’s literature by publishing diverse multicultural books. This publisher is unique because actual kids participate in creating the books, allowing them to share their creativity while also earning royalties to financially empower them in the future.

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