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My own journey toward physical and mental health influenced me to focus on Health and Wellness for others. In 2010 I finally recognized that I was an obese woman needing immediate body and mind transformation. I did some research, got self-motivated, went to the gym three times a week, changed my eating habits, and lost 75 pounds in one year. One year after the weight loss, I began NewBody.NewMind.NewLiving, knowing that my transformation experience could help others.

Most entrepreneurs start their business because of a passion or dream – I was no exception. And while that is what you need to get started, feelings of disappointment can quickly replace those of excitement when you discover that being a business owner entails skills you didn’t even know existed, and definitely those you might not have.

Rising Tide Capital was there to help me understand the ins, outs, ups, and downs of business startups. They even provided me with a 90-day action plan after the course itself was over.  Knowing that there were businesses coaches available to answer questions or talk about an idea was comforting and helpful.

I graduated from Rising Tide in 2015, and have known about the Start Something Challenge since then, but felt that my business couldn’t compete because I wasn’t selling tangible products. I was wrong. I utilized the skills taught to me at The Community Business Academy, improved my business bio, and joined the SSC 2016.

Although I did not win any cash prizes, I made it to the top ten, and gained so much knowledge about myself as a business owner. Beyond that, I gained lifelong lessons about marketing and development. The SSC helped me reach people who had no clue what NewBody.NewMind.NewLiving was. It forced me to learn, to push myself, and to understand the nature of competition in a tech-reliant world.

The best business decision I ever made was choosing to attend Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy.


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NewBody NewMind New Living, a fitness program with the sole purpose of helping people create the holistic lifestyle they dream of having. The NewBody NewMind NewLiving program will guide you through learning the secrets to combining fitness, nutrition, yoga, and meditation to help transform your body into a NEW YOU.

Rising Tide Capital Support

Community Business Academy Graduate Fall 2014
Business Acceleration Services:

  • One-on-One Consultation
  • BAS Seminars
  • BAS 90-day Action
  • Plan & Pitch 2016 (Winner)
  • Start Something Challenge 2016 (Finalist)