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Tedy Nova Carmona DC Limo & Transportation, LLC

 I arrived from Santo Domingo 5 years ago and I started working right away. I knew what was coming and after nine months working for a transportation company I was able to buy my first bus. Of course, buying the bus was not easy. I had just returned from my country where, thanks to my savings, I was able to fix my house and enjoy a lot with my family. Everyone knows that when you return from your country, you come without money, but the opportunities always come when you least expect it. I did not have enough for the purchase but I did the impossible to get the funds through a loan. I learned that one has to be willing to make sacrifices and put all their effort into what you want, although, perhaps, do not feel 100% prepared at the time.

That lesson was four years ago and today I have three buses all paid. I am very proud to say that I decided to do something and that I am achieving it, especially as an immigrant, as an Afro-Latino, and as a Dominican in this country. Unfortunately, we are divided a lot between Latinos and the need to unite more is evident as in the day of the immigrant where many did not go to work or opened their businesses.

My plan is to continue growing my company and to have a partybus, because the Latino who respects himself, works hard and dances more. At this moment I have commercial buses for private contracts and public transport but my next goal is to include party busses services. I want to continue expanding my business and the Community Business Academy helped me understand how I can achieve that goal, especially in the area of ​​finance.

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Jersey City, NJ



Business Launch Date:

April 2012

Business Description:

A commercial transportation company with buses used for public transportation and charter services.

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Community Business Academy Graduate Fall 2016

Business Acceleration Services:
• 90 Day Action Plan (2017)