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In an environment and economy like ours, it’s unreasonable to expect people to pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement if they accidentally damage their phone. That’s the simple reason I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business. We have already helped the community by helping them save money. How do we do it? We offer repair services for mobile devices, our customers don’t have to buy a new phone if they break it, they just come to us and get it repaired.

It has been a real challenge, as we are located in a low income area where price is more important than quality. The hard part is to share the value of our services at competitive prices. RTC helped me to figure out the roots of being a business owner, budgeting, sales projections, cash flow management, but most importantly the mindset of achievement. They showed me that my crazy mind is not alone in this world and that potential can be turned into great action. We wanted to make a positive impact, and with their help we can do that without too much sacrifice on our part.

In 3 years we plan to focus on franchising. RTC has helped us transform from a small repair shop to a professional, organized business run with efficiency and integrity. If we go forward with a competitive mindset, Smart Services could make a real name for itself. Next year, I’ve already planned to come back for legal advice on trademarks, licensing, and corporate management.







New Brunswick, NJ


(732) 789-9681

Business Launch Date:

December 2011

Business Description:

Smart Services iPhone Repair offers the sale and repair of telephones and computers, along with the sale of accessories, secretarial services and more.

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