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RONALD ALLEN Managing Change, LLC

I migrated from England with my parents in 1969. As an immigrant, I am driven by the desire to seek new opportunities. Recognizing that the landscape of tomorrow is vastly different than today, I am creating my future while helping others discover theirs through my talents as a corporate trainer.

My wife Miriam and I started our business Managing Changing LLC, out of our Burlington County home in 2007. For several years we helped small to medium sized companies support their employees during times of change by minimizing employee miscommunication and reducing the loss of key assets. After hitting a brick wall in our business, we decided to take the Community Business Academy.

The class served as a safe haven where we could learn the skills and develop our business processes to build our company. During the program I was connected with like-minded individuals, who like myself, had battle scars of starting a business of their own with little or no help. Rising Tide Capital offers a fellowship that will continue well beyond the 12 weeks of the classroom.

The Community Business Academy served as a lifeboat upon which we, as entrepreneurs, can ride the next wave with a little more determination, a little more focus and a wealth of support. Rising Tide Capital has helped me look at our business, assess important procedures, address key issues and lay out a path upon which to continue our journey, our DREAM.

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Browns Mills, NJ



Business Launch date:

March 2007

Business Description:

Managing Change, LLC helps employers support their employees during times of change and restructuring. Managing Change minimizes employee miscommunication and reduces the loss of key assets while maintaining the interest of key stakeholders. Ronald Allen is a corporate trainer specializing in organizational and enterprise change management.

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Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2014
Business Acceleration Services:

  • One-on-One Consultation
  • BAS Seminars
  • BAS 90-day Action Plan